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International Trade Fair Stand Construction

And action....
Standing behind the big international exhibition stages and enjoying the |success of the action together with the audience is the incentive that spurs us on to seek ever-new challenges, to streamline the timing and to perfect installation and decoration.
We’ll willingly and reliably form the background to your big exhibition success as well.

In our |archive you will find some impressive images.

Our experience and expertise is ready to help make your next trade fair appearance a success.
We look forward to working with you.

Yours, Alex Sibal
Architect M.Sc.

Maria Sibal

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What is the key to success? We have asked this question, both for ourselves and our customers - and, we hope, for you.
Together, we can create a plan and develop solutions.
Organisation, reliability and creativity are the most important factors contributing to the success of your presence at any trade fair event.

This year one of the key successes we are especially proud of is the stand we created for "Sappi Fine Paper Europe". This was truly a challenge, even for an experienced team such as ours.